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Technology is great, but it is only part of the puzzle of outstanding project delivery. A well-coordinated project always starts with excellent communication. The mission of Proxima Interviews is to bring you perspectives from other sides of the Design and Constriction field, to bring you insight, dialogue, better communication, to narrow the gaps in processes, to deliver better coordinated projects, and to help you stay Better than BIM.

Ep. 08 (Series Finale)

Innovation & Ideas Worth Fighting For

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Innovation in AEC is everywhere, so it seems. Sure, we have loads of ideas and often, that happens just between our ears. And sometimes, there are brainstorming sessions. But how exactly does meaningful innovation occur? What is the process of going from an idea to truly ideating, and then to taking action on that ideation? There are a multitude of AEC technology options nowadays. And there is a mass of opportunity for innovation in our built environment industry.  In this episode Chris Tisdel shares proven processes of cultivating ideas into business strategies and converting strategies into execution. Join us in our mission to keep you Better Than BIM.

Chirs Tisdel’s LinkedIn: 
Waco, Texas:
Doris D Miller Park, Waco, Texas:
Chip and Joanna Gains:
LOONSHOTS (How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries):
George S. Patton:

Ep. 07 – An Architect & Contractor Walk Into a Bar…

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It’s been over 15 years since the tipping point of BIM adoption, yet we are still talking about the effectiveness of BIM implementation.  What if the “technical” challenges we face are created and compounded with ineffective communication – in method or tools? In this episode, we deliver a panel discussion with an experienced AEC team: Sub-Contractor, Architect, Civil & IT Manager, and technology strategist & solutions developer. Together we exchange what ales our industry and what we can do to progress together. Join us in our mission to keep you Better Than BIM.

Jason Cisneros’ Linkedin:

Jason O. Schmidt’s LinkedIn:

Jose Galindo’s LinkedIn:

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AEC Bytes 2018 Year End Review:

Ep. 06 – What Great BIM Managers Know

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What do BIM Managers and Design Technologies do anyways? Does my company need a Technology Practice Leader? Firmwide BIM Leader at HKS, Inc., Vickie Patel Harris, joins us to share her path as a BIM leader and discusses what a good BIM Manager does in a design firm.  Join us and gain insight into common traits among great BIM and technology leaders.

Vickie’s LinkedIn: 

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AEC Design Technology Collaborative – North Texas Chapter: 

Ep. 05 - Aerobatics, Action, & AI


There are many options in AEC technology. Taking action on a direction can be difficult for some companies.  ‘Paralysis by analysis’ can begin to set in, leaving them to think no action is better than some action.  In this episode, William Spier shares his thoughts on how to manage the risky nature of technology investments, how to get the best of these investments, and how his background in aviation allowed him to guide many firms become more successful with AEC Technology.

Ep. 04 - The Future of Digital Design Practice is Here

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Some firms still "do BIM".  Others "did BIM" and today are shaping their future in Virtual Prototyping and Digital Design Practices. In this session, Jose Galindo shares his insights on using technology for businesses advantages.  Discover the real purpose of BIM Managers and glean how to move your firm from "doing BIM" for documentation to advanced practices.


Huckabee | More than Architects:

BIM Optimized:

Autodesk Forge:

Power BI:

Ep. 03 - The Intersection of AEC Tech and IT

The alignment of technical infrastructure decisions with business objectives is a task that is a "bit" larger than a simple 'purchase and install'.  In this episode with Jason O Schmidt, we discuss how that alignment process works, and how to grow our firm's talent into future technical leaders.



Big Red Dog Engineering:

BIM Authoring Productivity – ViewIT:

Ep. 02 - Closing the Gap II: Intellectual Curiosity

JC & JS.png

If a goal of prototyping buildings is to minimize coordination challenges, why are our projects riddled with conflicts? Jason Cisneros has a balanced perspective to share and, in his words, “intellectual curiosity” is a must to close the gap between virtual design and virtual construction.


Design Coordination – Navisworks:

Task Management Software – Asana:

BIM Authoring Productivity – ViewIT:

 Ep. 01 - Closing the Gap I: "C'Mon Man, Catch the Glaring Ones"


Pre-construction is where the magic of making "best laid plans" comes to reality.  Tannar Frampton of Frampton & Associate shares how he got started in VDC, what the real challenges are in virtual construction, and ways we can solve real-world obstacles that our design and construction industry are facing. 


Project management Software – Wrike:

Task Management Software – Asana:

BIM Track Software – BIM Track:

Getting Things Done – David Allen:

BIM Authoring Productivity – ViewIT:

Frampton & Associates - Tannar Frampton:


Ep. 00 - Introduction

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