Renumber Details and Doors

June 16, 2017

Renumbering Instance Marks can be tedious.  At times it is even painful, like when Revit does not allow a duplicate number as you reorder Viewports placed on a sheet.  This makes organizing doors to match room numbers, or reorganizing details views on a sheet a time-consuming chore.


Here’s a tip to automate the reordering of Detail Views and to speed up renumbering Door and Room Marks parameters.


Go to the Add-Ins Tab >> COINS Toolkit Panel >> Renumber Instance Tool.   Then choose the type of Instance you plan to rename – Door Marks, Room Numbers, or Viewport Details. Fill out the options as needed and then pick the elements to automatically renumber.


Give it a try - you’ll be glad that you read this post.  You might even begin to think that this process is no longer a bore.



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