for Autodesk® Revit®

A significant portion of your week is spent searching for information.  Eliminate micro-stresses of searching for views in Autodesk® Revit®.  Work smart; configure your set up today!

What's new in ViewIt 3.0?

  • Produce More

    Speed up the modeling and documentation process. Help your knowledge-workers retrieve information and views at the speed of problem solving. Established systems can yield upwards of approximately 15-20% savings of time.

  • Focus Better

    Eliminate searching for information keeps information-workers on task and with maintained concentration. This allows for richer deep-thinking.  Create better designs and solve hard challenges, faster.

  • Stress Less

    Reduce frustrations and risks that are inherent to task-switching. Reduce wasteful use of more mental energy, reduce error and time to ensure accurate results. When modeling in one application, make task-switching the exception not the norm. 

Here's what people are saying:

  • “Creating working views and being able to use ViewIT while building the model is a huge time saver for me. During the model building phase, I would say I save at least 15% of my time not having to scroll through the browser to find what I need."

    Structural Designer

    Julia Whitcraft

  • “The ViewIT tool instills confidence within its users. Architects, engineers, and designers will feel assure when navigating the project browser of a large-scale Revit project.”

    Project Coordinator

    Keenan McCord

  • “I was working on a large project with several other users and I was focused on the doors and hardware. Once I assigned key-ins to my all my working views schedules, and sheets I just rolled. ViewIT rocks!”

    BIM Manager

    Cole Foster

  • "This program is an incredible time saver in my day to day use of Revit.  I wish I could use it for every program I use on my computer.  I no longer have to scroll through my Project Browser looking for one view.  Now I spend a few minutes setting up my shortcuts and I am off and running, jumping between views without ever having to look at the project browser.  This is a great program."

    Architect, AIA, LEED BD+C

    Kevin Thompson

  • “ViewIT is the sure cure for browser overload. On any project where you are using the scroll bar on the browser you might want consider using ViewIT.”

    BIM Manager

    Cole Foster

  • "I think it’s a great tool for Revit! ... I was switching between sheets and views with no problem and it would close all the open views I did not need for me. It was very fast and efficient and I was able to be more productive with my work. Overall a great product."


    Laura Lasiter