Hint-hint, Nudge-Nudge

August 16, 2017

Often, you will hear me saying, “a big challenge in Revit, is getting the information you want, in an arrangement that is useful, and within the time-frame that you need it.”   Weather it is arranging several views to model, finding details/wall sections to edit, preparing documentation, trouble-shooting a BIM issue, or simply using Revit to compliment a conversation, getting the correct information timely is critical to successful tasks and a more pleasant experience operating Revit software.


Here is a tip that will save you from wearing out your mouse’s scroll wheel when navigating and expanded Project Browser (plus save time):


Select a view (legend, schedule or sheet), then use your Keyboard ‘Nudge’ Arrows to


quickly Collapse and Expand sections of the Project Browser.  LEFT ARROW>>LEFT ARROW>>UP ARROW, then Repeat. This allows you to “climb up” Browser Organization much faster than scrolling - getting you to the information you need timely.


When you get good at this tip you will start to include a Left-Mouse-Click to collapse certain sections instead of all sections going up or down the Project Browser list.


I hope this tip nudged you in a direction for better management of our scroll of a Project Browser. 😊

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