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Top 10 Reasons Why Some Firms Scrap Their BIM Initiatives

Have you ever wondered why firms start but then give up on using Revit for BIM?

Here is our top 10 reasons why firms ‘put the software on the shelf’:

  • Experience opportunities spread across many during process refinement.

  • Not defining key processes or communicating them to key people.

  • Basic training deemed sufficient/Process specific training ignored.

  • Too much time between training and project work.

  • Not having content ready or available for training and first project.

  • Existing workload impeding conversion of investment into practice.

  • Not fully aware of the necessary resources and investments needed to be successful.

  • Selecting only newly experienced users to start the first project.

  • Expecting a CAD-mindset to equate to a BIM-Mindset.

And the #1 reason that encapsulates the matter:

  • Failure to treat BIM adoption as an operational change management project.

Each of these items deserves further description, examples, and advice about how to overcome. In a future post, we elaborate each of these momentum-killing reasons and share how you can avoid a ‘Failure to Launch.’

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