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Filter for Selection Precision

It can cumbersome selecting specific objects in a model when many objects are on top of or in the same plane. Repeatedly tabbing to cycle through element is useful but can become time consuming if you keep missing the object. In today’s tip we use the Filter function to solve this problem.

Using the Filter function is a time saver. Begin by drag-selecting a region. Then in the top-right “Modify” tab will be highlighted. Select Modify tab >>Filter>>Check None to remove selection of all Categories in the dialog.

Then check the Categories that you want to keep in your selection or items that are not required. Click OK and the objects that are left checked will be selected.

Filter function is helpful when locating specific objects in a cluster of objects - like searching for rouge detail lines from an imported DWG file, or a floor that is not visible due to the walls laying on the same edge. Speed up your selection with Filters.

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