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Happy Lee, BIM

An hour ago, Mr. Lee D. Technician had what appeared to be a simple problem.

Lee wanted to manage Revit room information such that:

  • Room names are capitalized.

  • The Occupant parameter equals the room name.

  • Rooms on top two floors and are larger than 1,000 S.F. have assigned the Occupancy as “Assembly.”

Achieving this task was simple, but it was also time consuming. It took Lee 40 minutes to manually reconfigure a copy of the room schedule, re-type case changed names, find rooms that fit the criteria and make updates.

It was a frustrating and tedious manual entry task that rendered Lee just a little less happy today.

However, after watching the GIF below and learning how to use the Parameter Report Tool, Lee is managing data and making these kinds of changes in under 1 minute! No joke.

Lee has never been happier to manage BIM data in Revit.

Be like Mr. Lee D. Technician and learn how to manage the “I” of BIM like a pro with Parameter Report Tool.

Parameter Report Tool makes you a BIM-Pro.

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