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Intuition and Unexpected Inspiration

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Call it a gut feeling, intuition or hunch; we all have that little voice in the back of our minds. When it comes to AEC design technical workflows, sometimes it shows up at the most inconvenient of times:

It is most comfortable to have an established and simple, logical AEC process that allows everyone to understand quickly, use and conform to it. Ideally, we always want two things: something easy and integral enough for even a new user, while at the same time complex and rich enough to account for all the different possibilities. Often there is not a perfect solution. Once a workflow is defined, the process can then get comfortable and can be a source of limitation for further development and innovation.

But the world keeps moving on. There is always some new technology at hand. Then it happens: while in the middle of a repetitive, mundane task that has been done many times before, a little voice, gut feeling, that intuition that we all have, becomes present to your mind to ask:

Is this the best approach? Is this the best way to accomplish this process?

When that happens, it is a critical moment! If you are like me, there is limited time for in the day for unexpected inspiration, and you might say, “I’ll think about that later.” And still, on the other hand, I have found that if you take the risk and follow your hunch, you will 100% of the time learn something new. Sure, the path may not lead to the holy-grail-solution, but frequently it will achieve a golden outcome that massively cuts on precious time needed to work.

But “I am not a software geek to solve these technical challenges,” you say. Well, these are the times that you rely on your Design & Construction Technologist. Anyone identifying a challenge can be a solution creator. Together with your technical gurus you can optimize your workflows. You just must keep your mind open and trust your intuition; and then speak up, of course.

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